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Founded in 2001 by Mr. Babak Yousefian, PersiaMehr is a Medical company specialized in Endosurgery instruments and equipment such as Laparoscopy for general surgery, gynecology,pediatric, Urology, Orthopedic, ENT, also  pioneer in obesity and metabolic surgery in Iran.

Our mission is to provide our clients with new and pure solutions throughout the years. Training is an important part of our activities as well as special and well-equipped space for educational purposes .We are dedicated to finding ways to bring the highest quality and beneficial solution in advanced procedures.

PersiaMehr leads the market in Obesity and Metabolic surgery and is the only company presenting allsolutions and a complete package for medical centers, surgeons and Patients directly.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers in all aspects with our highly qualified and professional team of customer care.

PersiaMehr is Exclusive representative of the following brands:


Advanced Laparoscopic Instruments & seal and divide units  


Advanced insufflator and Trocars  


Surgical Advanced Laparoscopic Instruments  


CIP Medical / Maxer 

Advanced Laparoscopic system  



The AspireAssist is a new weight loss solution for people with obesity.  


Midband Adjustable Gastric band  

MidSleeve Calibration tube for sleeve gastrostomy  

Midcal Gastric Banded for bypass  

Midsond Gastric calibration tube  


Capron podologie  

Podologie and foot care  



Medical Professional footwear  



Professional training in Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic procedures for surgeons and nurses

Consulting in the filed of:

  • Equipment of operation room
  • Marketing, market research and help to lunch new products and brands
  • Before and after Obesity surgery and follow up Patients

Restructuring Operation Room (Total Solution)

Setting up obesity clinics and laparoscopy training center A-Z

Structure and departments of PersiaMehr
  • Marketing and sale Dep
  • Research and Development Dep
  • CRM Dep
  • Procurement Dep
  • Technical & QC Dep
  • Finance and accounting Dep
  • HR and Administration Dep
  • IT Dep
  • Stores Dep

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